About Us

Welcome to Maase Yadayim

We are a vegetarian food catering and place for special events,


Our vision is to give new culinary experiences
.Specializing in local indigenous food


The meaning of the name can’t be translated literally,  but Masse Yadayim in Hebrew means,

made with the hands, or telling a story by the hands. 

Both of the terms apply to us






,Maase Yadayim is a small countryside farm located in the Ella Valley  in Judea region of Israel

The Judean Wine Region first to receive formal recognition as Appellation of Origin

Also known for the first region in israel to recive official wine stamp 

(all the wine we serve are from local vineries)
we offer free advice on other things to do in region which has allot to offer 

just 40 minutes from jerusalem

and 50 minutes from Tel Aviv


Our place 

We build and still bulding the place with our kids for many years everything we do we do ourself, starting with a big wood stove that all our food comes out of it, we build an indoor place, build with recycled materials,  for when the weather is too cold or hot to sit outside,
But when the weather is good, which is most days of the year, we are hosting in our olive plant,
With amazing view of Jerusalem mountains and the Ella Vally.

The indoor place can hold up to 40 people

Outdoor hosting can host up to – 80 people


Our food 


,Adi Yogev is the hands behind all the food

every dish has a story and Adi love collecting storys about food, understanding the deep meaning behind the dish and giving it a new interpatation without loosing the assence of the story,

All our food  is done in real-time, with only the best ingredients coming from local farms and with herbs that Adi is foraging

.we belive that the food should be served fresh and burning hot



so as you can understand we are not a restaurant

we invite you to our home and family

for a true Israeli colonary expirence

for more information 

call +972-52-5993340 – Adi Yogev

       972-52-5446584+ – or Moshe

or email us